Saturday, June 26, 2010

Mr. Rabbit

Mary Rabbit

Leisure Ministry : Please kindly introduce yourself.
Mr. Rabbit : Hi everyone. I'm Mr. Mellow Mary Rabbit. But you can just call me "Mr. Rabit" That's what Mary calls me.

LM : So you're with Mary then ?
MR : Yes. Actually she has just created me a few hours ago. I'm one big part of her cute little business call "Mellow Mary". She's planning to launch it next month.

LM : Can you tell us little more about the project ?
MR : Mary's making and selling her own handmade products of woman accessories and some other things. Right now we can't tell you much but we can't wait for you guys to see!

LM : What big part you play in her business ? (Apart from big ear perhaps)

MR : Since I have no hands and legs I couldn't help her much.
I'll be her Brand Logo instead. Never been so honored in my life.

LM : Why do you think you have one ear bigger than the other?
MR : Mary talks a lot. So I think she needs someone to listen to her talking. That's why my left ear goes bigger.

LM : Last question, What do you like best about yourself ?
MR : I like that I'm wearing this Tux. Kinda cool, you see?
*****The name's Rabbit. Mister-Rabbit. Now can I have a dry martini? Shaken.Not stired.

LM : Oookayyyy. Thank you very much Mr. Rabbit. I'm sure we'll be seeing you a lot!
MR : : ))


  1. HELLO Mr.Wild Rabbit

  2. Hey I'm a high society rabbit, Hello?
    I eat special carrots!