Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Art of Crashing Parties

Recently I've been to an adorable party held by Shimu's Holidays Sisters.
It's call "Coconut : Little Joy♥"


****** The thing is, I've always liked Shimu's Holidays as a group of artists. Not friends in real life. So when I heard they were throwing a nice heart-warming party that plays music on vinyl and make you feel like you're hanging out in a flower garden with a bunch of Devendra Banharts,

I KNEW I MUST RSVP YES ...even tho I wasn't sure who I was gonna go with. And it sounded like a very very extremely indie freinds-get-together party

This, lady and gentleman, is
The Art of Crashing Parties

********I've never crashed any parties before. I mean, at least I must know one-third of the people in the party. And they must be intimately acquainted. So I'd like to share you guys what I have learned from my first time crashing ::

1. First of all, unless it was a huge the more the merrier party,
do not show up uninvited.
when I said "Crash" I didn't mean a complete crash like in the movie "Wedding crasher". You have to KNOW some people there. You just don't know them that much that's all.

2. Choose to crash a party you feel comfortable with.
Find out who's the host? What's gonna in the party?
Are there any interesting activities?
Are there any friends you can join their group in case you go alone?
Choose a party you think you'll have a great time, at least on your own.

oh I definitely feel comfortable with these cupcakes.

3. Never crash a party alone.
I know Will Pharell might have done that in the movie. But that's not the point.
You need a wing. And I mean someone who you enjoy being with no matter what you do.


4. Since you're crashing their party, Don't arrive too early.
You might end up having nothing to do.
Nothing is more boring than being around a crowd of strangers and have nothing to do. This is why I suggested you shouldn't go alone. At least you have someone to bore with, and giggle about why you wanted to come to a boring party in the first place.


5. Be friendly and smile.
Smile to the people you know. Smile to the people you think you know. And also to the people you don't know (if necessary). Smiling is one great way to draw people in to you. Last thing you want is standing there in the corner alone (oh! with a wing actually) all night.


6. Act smoothly like everybody else.
The important thing about crashing is, never let anyone know you're crashing.
You have to relax. Smile, like I said. Enjoy doing this and that
like you're actually friends with them.

Take pictures. Talk to the hosts. Be a part of the party!
,unless you want them to think you're from Mars.

7. Participate in activities.
If you don't want to, then why did you even come here????

At Little Joy♥ party they had these papers and envelopes. You can write to anyone you want, put it in the cute basket, and they'll deliver it for you.

Letters to Shimu's : )

8. Enjoy the party as much as you can.
Go make friends! Go have some fun!
Do the dance! Feel the love! Get down tonight!

Remember if the party's not working, you can always go somewhere else.
So there's nothing to lose.

I've never been to a party where most of the people were complete strangers. But that party went well so I feel great! I like doing things I've never done before. And I wanna find new interesting thing to do more.

So I think my next step is to crash wedding parties for free dishes.
Oh oh, just kidding LOL!


Thursday, August 12, 2010

We love you Mom!

When I think about August, the very first thing that come in to my mind is
,of course, my birthday :D

and second, MOTHER'S DAY!
(cuz we lurrrvveee national holiday! LOL! )

There's a lot of things that you can do for your Mom and also with your Mom.
This year, I didn't have much time. So I decided to make something easy yet still cute!
You could try this especially if your Mom's a dog-lover : )

An "I Mom" Dog Hankie :D

►First, choose the clothe you wanna make the hankie. I chose white clothe. It's simple, clean, and easily written. Cut the cloth in to square shape. Then fold down. Your clothe should now be in triangle shape.

►Use the painting color paint things you wanna say. I recommend long lasting painting color, try Acrylic color. You could find them in any stationary store. Oh, and don't forget to leave some space at the top for folding it later.


►Let the color dry, then fold the clothe. Like this :

This looks pretty much like a scout hankie..

► Wrap the hankie around the dog's neck. Then go let the dog do the surprise! :D

you do love your mom, huh?

Yes we all love our Moms.
Some people love their Moms everyday. Some not everyday, but almost.
Some said "I love her." but don't usually show her love.
It is true you love your Mom everyday and don't need to brag about it.
But trust me, today you should show your love ...just a little bit more : )

Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kiddies' Plates

Yesterday I went into the kitchen and for 2 seconds I thought my mom was preparing things for the upcoming year2012 catastrophe. Turned out she was tidying things in the kitchen.

I noticed something among the utensils, dad's mechanical equipment (why were they here???),
some old mugs and some old plates that gathering around her.

They were my old kid plates!

Mary plate
My plate! :B

Tanya plate
My bigger sister, Tanya's plate :D

Timmy plate
My little sister, Timmy's plate ;P

Mom told me with a smile on her face that which one is for me and which one is for my sisters.
I said to her I can keep these kid plates for my babies and she said
" Exactly. That's why I couldn't throw them away. : ) "

I believe talking about good memories when you were kid is always fun.
Open your old photo albums. Go through your old box of stuff.
Talk to your Mom and Dad about funny things you did when you were young.
Spend some quality time with your family.

Because in a world of strangers, no one loves you more than your parents.

Hope your dinner comes in a cute plate : )