Sunday, August 1, 2010

Kiddies' Plates

Yesterday I went into the kitchen and for 2 seconds I thought my mom was preparing things for the upcoming year2012 catastrophe. Turned out she was tidying things in the kitchen.

I noticed something among the utensils, dad's mechanical equipment (why were they here???),
some old mugs and some old plates that gathering around her.

They were my old kid plates!

Mary plate
My plate! :B

Tanya plate
My bigger sister, Tanya's plate :D

Timmy plate
My little sister, Timmy's plate ;P

Mom told me with a smile on her face that which one is for me and which one is for my sisters.
I said to her I can keep these kid plates for my babies and she said
" Exactly. That's why I couldn't throw them away. : ) "

I believe talking about good memories when you were kid is always fun.
Open your old photo albums. Go through your old box of stuff.
Talk to your Mom and Dad about funny things you did when you were young.
Spend some quality time with your family.

Because in a world of strangers, no one loves you more than your parents.

Hope your dinner comes in a cute plate : )


  1. น่ารักจัง
    ขนาดผ้าปูโต๊ะยังสีน่ารักเลย ;)

  2. "Because in a world of strangers, no one loves you more than your parents."

    This sentense makes me feel like I'm reading Carrie Bradshaw's column in the New York Star.

  3. hahaha I love her!

    I guess every once in a while we all have that kinda feeling.
    Especially when your heart's broken LOL!

  4. ถาดของแมรี่แม่งมีรูปทรงเคโระซ่อนอยู่!!!

  5. เออจริง!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    ถาดข้างล่าง เด็ดกว่าเหอะ!!!!!!

    โหหหหหห คนออกแบบแม่ง เนี๊ยบหนัก

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