Saturday, November 13, 2010

Mellow Garden

mellow garden

mellow dish

New up-coming poster for Mellow Mary!

As you guys know, I'm making and selling my handmade products under my own brand
"Mellow Mary" So Let me introduce some of my favorite creations : )))

mellow ring

My very first collection I made when I was just a sophomore in University
(well, quite a few years ago haha!), was paper flower rings.
They are cute, adorable and so oh oh feminine look!

The ring is made of braided wires so you can adjust the size of the ring to fit perfectly with your fingers. But of course, the flowers are made of papers, so you might not wanna wear it on your heavy day out! I suggest wear it on a fine day, just sipping tea in a park with your friends. Or a soft dinner with your love ones : )))

Please stick around Mellow Mary page.
This flower ring ring is just one of our favorites : >

Cheers for Mellow!